ICRTouch ByTable app

UI design | UX design
Client: ICRTouch

About the company

ICRTouch is a global leader in EPoS software development, with over 150,000 installs. They specialise in creating software solutions for the hospitality and retail sectors to help businesses run more easily and efficiently.


About the project

During my time at ICRTouch, I worked closely with the development team to rework and redesign ByTable (also known as TouchTakeaway) so that it was easier to use and more visually appealing. This also included the design of new features and sections within the app.

Using the UI design tool Adobe XD, I created detailed mockups of the app that would serve as a guide for the developers as they implemented the updates.

A lot of effort was put into making sure the app could be used by a wide variety of users as well as giving businesses the ability to customise the app to fit their brand with little effort.